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The Introduction of an Organic Coffee Shot is Attracting New Consumers to the Energy Shot Category

For the past several years, Energy Shot category sales have been flat to declining. Now, with last year’s launch of a pure coffee energy shot in over 15,000 stores nationwide – the category has a chance to grow again.

According to consumer reports, only 7% of Americans consume energy shots on a regular basis, while a whopping 81% of Americans regularly consume coffee.  A New York City-based company - FORTO Coffee - is proving that their premium, cold-brew coffee energy shot will convert some portion of those 200 million coffee-drinkers into energy shot consumers.


FORTO is a ready-to-drink 2oz. double coffee shot.  It appeals to the 200 million Americans who drink 3 or more cups of coffee per day.  These consumers are looking for coffee shots to-go, and FORTO is the #1-selling U.S. Coffee Shot.


Their coffee shots are USDA-Organic and Fair-Trade certified and made from pure Colombian coffee + organic milk – with extra energy (200mg caffeine) added through a unique cold brew process.  Sold in 2 delicious flavors, it was created by a father of twins needing wholesome energy. The name is derived from the Italian word for strong (forté) – each 2oz. bottle of FORTO has as much energy as 2 regular cups of coffee.

For a category to grow again after a long period of flat sales, it typically takes one of two things, either true product innovation, or a very strategic, data driven marketing effort.  Fortunately for convenience store owners, the profitable category of energy shots is currently benefiting from FORTO doing both of these things.

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